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sony a6600 video quality

The image leans and rolls all over the show, and limits the camera’s appeal for run-and-gun videographers. Håndgrepet er større her enn på mange av konkurrentenes, og det lette kameraet ligger nesten perfekt i hånden. If you’re looking to shoot excellent quality video in a studio, the A6600 will do nicely. Canon EOS M6 Mark II er et interessant alternativ til begge Sony-kameraene. It’s a video God, shooting internal 4:2:0 4K at up to 60fps, which compares favourably to the Sony’s limit of 25fps in 4K. Sony’s lens catalogue is looking more and more tempting, whether you’re shopping at the mid or high end. With its 24MP APS-C sensor, the A6600 is capable of delivering excellent image quality. Further complicating your decision is the existence of the Fuji X-T3, which costs £1,549 with a 18-55mm lens, and matches or exceeds the Sony A6600 in plenty of places. There are custom buttons galore, which makes setting up the A6600 easy. READ NEXT: The best travel tripods to buy. You can, of course, opt for various other in-camera colour treatments if you’d rather not grapple with curves and saturation sliders. There’s a lot to like about this camera, but a few other things are frustrating, too. © 2020 Publish AS. This way you can decide with confidence which camera is right for you and your needs! De rike har det godt! Sony A6600 and Sony A6000 have sensor sizes so they will provide same level of control over the depth of field when used with same focal length and aperture. Apple iPad Air og Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G i heftig tvekamp. The combination of the Sony FE 28-60mm on the A7C camera is much lighter and smaller in volume than the Sony A6600 and the FE 18-135mm. If you’re looking to mount a handle on it and chase after mountain bikers, or shoot free-cam sequences, you’ll want to look elsewhere. The biggest problem – and the thing that stops it being a great all-purpose video camera – is its rolling shutter, which was evident in nearly all of our handheld footage. In this video I will explain the key differences between the Sony A6600, A6400, and A6100. The A6600 sits about halfway between the A9 and the A6400. Lagringen, eller bufferen sinker også kameraet. Kameraets øyefokus fungerer både på mennesker og dyr, og er klassens mest presise. Continuous performance is more than good enough for virtually every genre of photography and autofocus matches. Som leser har du kun rett til å benytte Innholdet på for personlige og ikke-kommersielle formål. For stills photographers, it’s a blast. The Sony A6600 is the company’s most premium APS-C mirrorless camera to date, boasting of improved AI focusing, animal eye AF, a much bigger battery, and HDR shooting for professional workflows. Glemt ditt passord? Det kan også ta opp 4K30p-video i 100 Mbps, med moderat beskjæring når man bytter fra 4K25p til 4K30p. Sony claims 8fps in this mode; we saw about 7.5 but we’re prepared to be magnanimous about that. Sony’s strategy of equipping new lower-end models with its best features means much of what makes the A6600 compelling is available at a cheaper price; indeed the entry-ish level A6100 launched alongside it at almost half the price shares the same photo and video quality, much the same autofocus and burst shooting, unlimited movie recording and the same screen articulation. Sony A6600, Samyang 45mm f/1.8 FE AF | 1/80 sec hand-held w/ IBIS, f/1.8, ISO 6400. Sony a6600 for Underwater Photography and Underwater Video The Sony a6600 is the top-of-the-line a6000 series camera for underwater photography – and Sony’s declared flagship camera at that. It takes a little getting used to compared to the central EVFs of the Sony A7 or Fuji X-T3, but it works fantastically. We shot in S-log3, a colour option that Sony claims delivers 14 stops of dynamic range, and which provided us plenty of flexibility for grading. Det er nemlig et litt bedre spesifisert a6400, som vi testet sommeren 2019, og virkelig kan anbefale. This function sets the knee point and slope for video signal compression to prevent over-exposure by limiting signals in high-intensity areas of the subject to the dynamic range of your Sony A6600. Sony looks like it has mirrorless all figured out – but can it sell us on this one? Sony-kameraet er værtettet og solid bygget. We didn’t notice as severe a rolling shutter effect when we reviewed the Fuji X-T3, which costs about the same. 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A pair of custom keys on the top plate joins the mode dial and a click wheel; the back of the camera is home to a further three programmable buttons, and the compass points of the direction pad give you quick-fire access to ISO settings, exposure compensation and drive mode. Two levels of high ISO noise reduction can be selected - Normal or Low - or the processing can be disabled. We love the viewfinder and its balance, as well as its build quality and, of course, that massive battery, which goes some way to assuaging criticism number one of mirrorless cameras, which is that they don’t go long enough between charges. Sony a6600 er det dyreste av systemkameraene i 5000- og 6000-serien, men det ligner så mye på a6400 og a6100, at det kan bli vanskelig å finne ut hvilket som er best. It’s a shame, because footage is otherwise superb. Kameraene ser nesten identiske ut, men prisene avslører at det må være noe spesielt med de dyreste utgavene. Vi vil gjerne vite hva du mener. On paper, the A6600 is a quality option for filmmakers. For the body only you’ll part with £1,399 (RRP); pair it with the E-mount 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS lens that came with our review model and it all adds up to a shade under £1,900. Sony has built itself a quality reputation for autofocus performance, and the camera’s ability to grab onto a subject and hold on really is outstanding. Within the A6600’s Picture Profiles there are both S-Log3 and S-Log2 gamma curve settings to extend the dynamic range by as much as 1300% in comparison to standard Rec. Here, you need to give the centre of the direction pad a poke, then manhandle the autofocus point around with the direction buttons. som er bedre utstyrt, værtettet og blant annet har en bedre elektronisk søker. You don’t shoot on paper, though, and in use the camera is in fact a bit hit and miss. Den integrerte Linn Majik DSM spiller som en drøm med innebygget romkorreksjon, og har alt man trenger innebygget. Discover the α6600 premium E-mount APS-C camera from Sony & explore all the Cameras features. Da kan det hende du vil ønske å oppgradere skjermen din også. Summary The A6600 becomes Sony’s most powerful APSC mirrorless camera to date, sporting a 24 Megapixel sensor with confident autofocus across almost the entire frame, 11fps shooting, unlimited video recording, 4k up to 30p, 1080 up to 120p, a screen that angles all the way up to face you, built-in stabilisation, mic and headphone jacks and the longest battery life of any camera in its class. It may not match the sheer level of detail that its higher-resolution peers can record, but it’s still more than good enough for a critically sharp A3+ print. Sony A6600 shooters only have access to 4K30p or 1080p 120fps, just as in the A6300. A6600 has a built-in Stereo microphone and a Mono speaker. Comparison of Sony a6600 (24.2MP) and Sony Alpha a6500 (24.2MP) on sensor size (28.21mm diagonals), pixel pitch, pixel density and more. Vi setter stor pris på at du leser Lyd & Bilde. Detaljskarpheten er kanskje bedre fra et Canon EOS M6 II, men ikke så mye at det har betydning. Du må være innlogget for å kunne kommentere. Externally, you get audio in and out, both in the form of a convenient 3.5mm audio jack. Denon har aldri laget en bedre surroundforsterker, enn jubileumsmodellen AVC-A110. Auto ISO operates within an ISO 100-6400 range and has selectable upper and lower limits. Med en oppgitt batteritid på 810 bilder, i praksis mer, rekker man å ta noen bilder før batterivarsleren blinker rødt. The Sony A6600 is a ruggedly built body with dust and moisture-resistance to … There’s plenty of flexibility in terms of how sensitive it is, and Sony’s legendary face and eye detection algorithms are bolstered by the option to direct the camera to pay particular attention to the face of an animal, making this a potentially game-changing camera for wildlife photographers.

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